Refactored 050: "Patch Your S--t"

Wherein laziness... uh... finds a way.

published Jan 10, 2022
Show Notes

Refactored #050: “Patch Your S–t”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • It’s the Official Refactored First Birthdaversary Bash! The guys celebrate by patting themselves on the back.
  • You should have an accountability partner for the things you care about.
  • Chris is at least 67% smarmy over the fact that Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker approved by SAE for Level 3 self-driving.
  • Chris predicts within 20 years, the supermajority of miles driven will be autonomous.
  • The guys unpack CVE-2021-44228, which isn’t noteworthy without a catchy name… in this case, “Log4shell.”
  • Frank has a real bone to pick with SSO timeouts. Are security policies out over their skis?
  • Chris loves shoving NIST SP 800-63b § down everyone’s throat, which clearly states “Verifiers SHOULD NOT require memorized secrets to be changed arbitrarily (e.g., periodically).”
  • The guys make a totally novel, groundbreaking, and and never previously uttered PSA: Don’t roll your own crypto.
  • The pick of the week is a water sensor for your basement - they’re a cheap insurance policy. Frank likes the one from SimpliSafe.
  • … and much more!

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