Refactored 049: "Just Say No (To Your Boss)"

Wherein - and this is quite possibly a Refactored first - no one fights during the whole show.

published Dec 14, 2021
Show Notes

Refactored #049: “Just Say No (To Your Boss)"

On this episode of Refactored…

  • The guys discuss recent travel. Frank’s sick and tired of these masks, man, but Chris turns it into a Jira thing? What are rules without enforcement, he wonders…
  • Offsite meetings are clutch, especially for distributed teams.
  • Chris really hates Microsoft Teams. Like, abhors it.
  • Frank comes out with two helpful tips for teams:
    1. You are allowed to say ‘no.’
    2. Delegation is a thing, mmm’kay?
  • Frank wastes everyone’s time belaboring the obvious.
  • Chris wastes eveyrone’s time EITHER belaboring the obvious or leaving people in the dust. Why can’t he just find a happy medium? Childhood trauma? Unresolved trust issues? Too much caffiene?
  • The guys agree - as a manager your job is to be the CRO for your team: the Chief Repeating Officer
  • The guys want you to ask more dumb questions. Everyone will thank you, on the whole.
  • Chris has an axe to grind about meeting hygiene. He draws some hard lines.
  • … and much more!

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