The [REFACTORED] Podcast

A casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders with Chris Tonkinson and Frank Koehl.


React.js, SCSS, Big-O, Kubernetes, TLS.
The guys have cut and run CAT5 through
plenum, built and racked servers, found
SQL Server performance bottlenecks, and
written a hell of a lot of good software.


From Enterprise to small business, the
guys have managed and built teams for
years; serial entrepreneurs with strong
cross-functional acumen and a knack for
translating between "geek" and "human."


Frank brings the energetic snark. Chris
brings the cranky optimism. Together,
they can barely get through a single show
without devolving into petty ad-hominem
attacks and, often, childish sound effects.

Recent Episodes

Refactored 080: "Banish the Stuckness"

Wherein corporate overlords always put consumers first.

published Sep 20, 2022
Show Notes

  • Frank recommends The Legend of Vox Machina.
  • Chris has been really busy slacking lately.
  • Homepages suck (most of the time). You really gotta RTFM, but YouTube can help.
  • Frank is really enjoying Turbo and Stimulus but still trying to detox from jQuery.
  • Are you stuck? If you’re not getting stuck, you may need to think more abstractly. If you stay stuck, you aren’t phoning a friend quickly enough.
  • What IS work/life balance? Chris struggles. We have it as an episode tag and can’t even define it well.
  • Feedback: Anonymous asks, “How do you find the right balance between marketing/sales and engineering/product?”
  • … and much more!

Refactored 079: "That Time Where the Guys Talk About Time All the Time"

Wherein it's Franks birthday and Chris was born with a crew cut.

published Sep 13, 2022
Show Notes

  • Chris has officially gone off the deep end. He thinks - and just hear him out - that everyone should use:
    1. ISO 8601 everywhere always for dates
    2. 24-hour time. No more am/pm
    3. UTC, and abolish UTC
  • The only thing Frank agrees to, is that all servers MUST use UTC or you are paving the path to madness.
  • Frank loves Redactor X. The guys talk editors. Quill and TinyMCE are discussed.
  • Frank pushes back on NFTs. Chris agrees the current offerings suck, but doubles down on the long term bull thesis.
  • The pick of the week is Wicked Cushions, aftermarket headphone accessories.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 078: "To Centralize or to Decentralize?"

Wherein humans are so dumb. They are really dumb. Fo real.

published Sep 6, 2022
Show Notes

  • Frank is The Riddler. Not the new Paul Dano Riddler, the Jim Carey Riddler at the end where his head looks weird.
  • Frank goes to Blackhat and DEF CON and shares all about it. Spoiler: it was a mixed bag. Chris asks about policy because he’s a dumb corporate drone now.
  • Chris and Frank wrestle apart the nuance between a “single team” vs “distributed pods” for shared company expertise (like security, architecture, etc).
    • Frank is convinced it must be pushed out ot the edges. YOLO, or something.
    • Chris has concerns about effectively managing the diffuse structure but has been considering the model.
  • The guys agree that rules and enforcement go hand-in-hand. One is entirely inappropriate without the other. So you can run and tell that. Home boy.
  • … and much more!

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