Latest Episode

017: Open Source Licenses

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

Wherein Frank loves MIT but this episode gets published under the WTFPL.

016: Sound Quality

Posted on Saturday, Apr 3, 2021

Wherein Chris has a thing for spandex, and Frank’s mouth writes a check his Amazon order history can’t cash.

015: Play to Your Strengths

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021

Wherein Frank can’t remember the word for liking words, but is super eager to fire everyone.

014: Hanlon's Razor

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021

Wherein the guys SO totally called it!

013: Silence Is Golden

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021

Wherein some recruiters aren’t terrible, and Chris swears he IS a real boy.

012: Firmware Shall Be Broken

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 2, 2021

Wherein Frank drops some server hardware knowledge while Chris mutters and stutters like Elmer Fudd.

011: Technical Debt

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

Wherein Chris discovers Terraform and is instantly an expert, and Frank can’t figure out which way avalanches go.

010: Navigating Change

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021

Wherein Chris got the warm and fuzzies, and Frank can’t stop thinking about cars.

009: Security is Everywhere and Nowhere

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021

Wherein the guys get a lot of mileage out of the new fight bell, and they don’t ACTUALLY hate lawyers.

008: What Are You Optimizing For?

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

Wherein the guys fight about how lazy people are. Also, thermodynamics exists.

007: Digital Transformation

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

Wherein the guys play Boardroom Bingo while automating people out of jobs.