The [REFACTORED] Podcast

A casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck less every day, with Chris Tonkinson and Frank Koehl.


React.js, SCSS, Big-O, Kubernetes, TLS.
The guys have cut and run CAT5 through
plenum, built and racked servers, found
SQL Server performance bottlenecks, and
written a hell of a lot of good software.


From Enterprise to small business, the
guys have managed and built teams for
years; serial entrepreneurs with strong
cross-functional acumen and a knack for
translating between "geek" and "human."


Frank brings the energetic snark. Chris
brings the cranky optimism. Together,
they can barely get through a single show
without devolving into petty ad-hominem
attacks and, often, childish sound effects.

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Recent Episodes

Refactored 042: "Fun and Games"

Wherein Frank backs metroidvania games and Chris hates Candyland.

published Oct 16, 2021
Show Notes

  • The Rona is rounding Castle Koehl, and the guys wind up discussing the different learning styles of their kids… the stubborn little adorable petri dishes that they are.
  • Frank talks about some of the games he’s backed on Kickstarter (shout out to Ender Lilies), and professes his love for the Metroidvania genre. Breath of the Wild is mentioned.
  • Frank learns that woodworking is a lot more common than he thought amongst techies. Chris claims it’s something to do with the tangible work product.
  • Chris points out an alternate definition for “escapism” which can actually be super beneficial for work/life balance.
  • “Strength and comfort cannot coexist,” said…no one, cause Frank screwed up the phrase. It’s “Growth and comfort cannot coexist.”
  • Can you teach motivation? The guys debate.
  • The pick of the week is a wireless availability indactor called the Luxafor Switch.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 041: "Knowing your Core Business"

Wherein Chris won't let Frank finish a thought and both guys care more about anonymous strangers than their current team.

published Oct 5, 2021
Show Notes

  • Chris needs sleep like a little tiny baby ever since he got a creature comfort patch into Rails.
  • The guys agree that contrary to popular opinion, most attorneys are actually wonderful humans; they’re lovely colleagues who just want to do the right thing.
  • The guys discuss NDAs - particularly around startup ideas - and how they prevent others from stealing all your related future profits and sexytime.
  • Regarding FLOSS in the corporate environment, Frank wants to know, why would/wouldn’t a company publish more Open Source software? The guys come up with a few common excuses, and each is worse than the others:
    • ownership (e.g. IP rights)
    • liability
    • security
    • reputation
  • The guys talk a bit about Coopetition - probably something your team could use a bit of.
  • The pick of the week is Home Assistant, a central command and control system for smart homes that’s pretty sweet.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 040: "Paying People in Des Moines"

Wherein the guys clumsily talk past each other like two drunken ships in the night.

published Sep 30, 2021
Show Notes

  • Audio production turns out to be kinda hard. The guys wonder aloud whether anyone makes a living specializing in this stuff.
  • Donut gave Frank the opportunity to chat about geographical pay differentails. The guys unpack some longer-term market predictions.
  • Chris barely avoids a longform rant about the modern consequences of Second World War wage freeze policies.
  • Management is solving people problems, stupid. What the hell is wrong with you people!?
  • Frank starts a discussion about the tactics of transitioning a contributor into management.
  • There are - wait, is this correct? TWO picks? Chris picks both the Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Magsafe Charger and the Ship It! podcast.
  • … and much more!

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