The [REFACTORED] Podcast

A casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders with Chris Tonkinson and Frank Koehl.


React.js, SCSS, Big-O, Kubernetes, TLS.
The guys have cut and run CAT5 through
plenum, built and racked servers, found
SQL Server performance bottlenecks, and
written a hell of a lot of good software.


From Enterprise to small business, the
guys have managed and built teams for
years; serial entrepreneurs with strong
cross-functional acumen and a knack for
translating between "geek" and "human."


Frank brings the energetic snark. Chris
brings the cranky optimism. Together,
they can barely get through a single show
without devolving into petty ad-hominem
attacks and, often, childish sound effects.

Recent Episodes

Refactored 132: "SCANdelous Tanks"

Wherein Chris is pro-dictator and Frank is pro-losing.

published Apr 12, 2024
Show Notes

  • Chris' newest billion dollar idea: empowering despots with AI. Frank doesn’t even like GPS-monitoring.
  • Frank’s WoW team achieves a milestone! He and his raiding group are among the top 0.19% on the new content.
  • The guys virtually drool over Helldivers 2 while Chris admits he’s too lazy for Minecraft.
  • Chris adds color to last week’s Palumi talk.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 131: "Supply Chain Shenanigans"

Wherein many bugs make all eyes shallow... or something...

published Apr 5, 2024
Show Notes

  • The XZ Utils library was compromised. Guys, this could have been very bad.
  • The guys talk supply chain security — the weak[est?] point in your infrastructure?
  • Frank makes a bold cliam; apparently “too many” is more than “some.” Breaking mathematical discoveries like this, you’ll only find on Refactored.
  • The guys debate open source funding models.
    • Chris stumbles his way into one possible idea: the Open Source Endowment Fund. Crypto scheme or the future?
  • … and much more!

Refactored 130: "Jesus 2.0"

Wherein Franks eyes bleed while Chris has people breathe into his mouth.

published Mar 29, 2024
Show Notes

  • Frank introduces a concept he is calling “Jesus 2.0 Projects”
    • Projects that will solve everything™… once (if?) they ship.
    • Projects that take real testicular fortitude to launch.
    • Projects that also take real courage to terminate if they languish.
    • Are executive sponsors to blame?
  • Chris rumages around in his Pokeballs and chooses…. Palumi!
  • The guys discuss how to choose between legacy and novel tooling.
  • … and much more!

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