The [REFACTORED] Podcast

A casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders with Chris Tonkinson and Frank Koehl.


React.js, SCSS, Big-O, Kubernetes, TLS.
The guys have cut and run CAT5 through
plenum, built and racked servers, found
SQL Server performance bottlenecks, and
written a hell of a lot of good software.


From Enterprise to small business, the
guys have managed and built teams for
years; serial entrepreneurs with strong
cross-functional acumen and a knack for
translating between "geek" and "human."


Frank brings the energetic snark. Chris
brings the cranky optimism. Together,
they can barely get through a single show
without devolving into petty ad-hominem
attacks and, often, childish sound effects.

Recent Episodes

Refactored 118: "Self-Hosting: It Sucks"

Wherein verily I say unto you, yaks will be shaved.

published Oct 20, 2023
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Refactored 117: "Security Is A Group Exercise"

Wherein Chris failed Geometry.

published Oct 10, 2023
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Refactored 116: "You Aren't The Customer"

Wherein the guys design by committee.

published Oct 3, 2023
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