The [REFACTORED] Podcast

A casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck less every day, with Chris Tonkinson and Frank Koehl.


React.js, SCSS, Big-O, Kubernetes, TLS.
The guys have cut and run CAT5 through
plenum, built and racked servers, found
SQL Server performance bottlenecks, and
written a hell of a lot of good software.


From Enterprise to small business, the
guys have managed and built teams for
years; serial entrepreneurs with strong
cross-functional acumen and a knack for
translating between "geek" and "human."


Frank brings the energetic snark. Chris
brings the cranky optimism. Together,
they can barely get through a single show
without devolving into petty ad-hominem
attacks and, often, childish sound effects.

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Recent Episodes

Refactored 038: "Driving with the TV On"

Wherein Chris gets a stomach bug 2 years before Frank becomes a NASCAR champion. Coincidence?

published Sep 15, 2021
Show Notes

  • Frank changes careers; on track to become renowned NASCAR driver, sponsored by CoolerMaster.
  • Frank brings up Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (no spoilers) and the guys wind up making a bevy of movie & show recommendations.
  • Frank makes a big deal about being a philosophy major. Weird flex, but ok bro.
  • Chris brings up Zoom Fatigue. Apparently, there is (PDF warning) some new evidence to suggest the struggle is real. Frank toggles his camera all the time, and Chris takes a lot of calls from the kitchen. The practical utility of this information is unclear. So good job, Chris.
  • Chris recommends walking. Because… y’know… health? or stuff?
  • The guys debate at some length the practical future of autonomous vehicles. Chris takes the bull argument, and Frank the bear. What is the power struggle here between Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Mother Nature?
  • Frank has some strong words about UX (Re: CarPlay/Android Auto) while Chris is more phlegmatic.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 037: "Performance Optimization"

Wherein Chris likes hunting wabbits but can't actually prove Frank isn't a boulderologist.

published Sep 10, 2021
Show Notes

  • Frank ages, realtime. He is so old and tired he can barely make it through the show.
  • The guys talk breaking and entering - both home and cyber. Do you know how easy it is to get through most doors? How easy it is to pick a lock?
  • The guys briefly discuss IDS/IPS technology, and the Thinkst Canary comes up even though Chris derps on the name.
  • Honeypots are kinda cool.
  • Chris rails against the query planner in MySQL, which opens a larger conversation about database and system performance. Long story short, don’t table scan, ya dolt.
  • Frank balances real life with a World of Warcraft habit, somehow (someWoW?), and shares an update regarding the ongoing Sanctum of Domination lag problems. The guys try to parse the language and diagnose the root cause of the issue.
  • … and much more!

Refactored 036: "Market Expansion"

Wherein Chris enables Franks' soundboard habit shortly after the two discuss boulderology.

published Aug 31, 2021
Show Notes

  • Audition automatically upgraded to “enhance” our sound experience. Yay.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones enter the chat as the guys discuss the MVNOs Mint and Ting.
  • Frank complains about professionals who don’t pay for their software. Do your daily-driver tools fall off the back of virtual trucks? The guys agree yet again that software development is just a skilled trade.
  • Is FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) essentially more secure than proprietary systems? The guys debate.
  • The pick of the week is BitWarden, a drop-in LastPass replacement.
  • … and much more!

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