Refactored 060: "Toxic Bloviating Douchenozzle"

Wherein Chris is addicted to gadgets and Frank cops to tax evasion.

published Mar 9, 2022
Show Notes

Refactored #060: “Toxic Bloviating Douchenozzle”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • In case you’ve been living some island-dwelling, soccer-ball-talking offline nightmare, Russia invaded Ukraine. Careful to avoid major political talk, the guys spend some time considering the circumstance and speaking about the people who have been, are, and will be harmed when governments clash.
  • OKR, KPI, OGSM… omg wtf lmao. Frank has issues with how performance management frameworks are [usually] administered.
  • Chris is drinking raspberry açaí seltzer and apparently he REALLY wants everyone to know it. Weird flex but ok bruh.
  • Frank drops a SMART on Chris.
  • The guys agree: there exist no honest, practical, quantitative, direct measures of individual performance for developers. (Except lines of code written, obviously.)
  • Jerry Z. Muller enters the chat as Chris invokes The Tyranny of Metrics.
  • … and much more!

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