Refactored 063: "Dark Patterns"

Wherein Chris and Frank design scheme after plot to bilk unwitting consumers for millions. Oh wait, that was Amazon.

published Mar 29, 2022
Show Notes

Refactored #063: “Dark Patterns”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • The FTC probes Amazon for “deliberately confusing” users during signup. Frank has a strong opinion on this one. UI screenshots that were discussed embedded below.
  • Chris was annoyed at how Fruit Ninja kept shoving adds at his son.
  • The guys fight about the meanging of the term satisfice. It’s sad.
  • Steve Krug enters the chat retroactively as Frank remembers the name of the book Don’t Make Me Think.
  • Frank then points us to the revelation of Project Iliad. Chris is upset-bordering-speechless, having just experienced the fruit of this particular labor of love loathing.
  • … and much more!

Amazon Prime Misleading Trial Signup

Amazon Prime Previous Signup

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