Refactored 015: "Play to Your Strengths"

Wherein Frank can't remember the word for liking words, but is super eager to fire everyone.

published Mar 23, 2021
Show Notes

Refactored #015: “Play to Your Strengths”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • Freeeeeedoooom! … it’s too much for some people. Not everyone is an Entrepreneur.
  • Frank draws a compelling parallel[ogram] between a business team and a soccer team.
  • Chris wants his team to screw up constantly (read: he gives them a mandate to make new mistakes in good faith).
  • The guys agree that if you’re in leadership, repetition is part of the job. Be the “Chief Repeating Officer”
  • Is inspiring indepedence as much work as micromanaging?
  • The guys agree that the Myers-Briggs test is complete, utter bullcrap. Frank touts the CliftonStrengths assessment.
  • Frank wants a Ban Hammer like Mark Spagnuolo’s. Chris misremembers it, and falsely asserts it’s made of maple.
  • Tim Ewald enters the chat as Chris remembers he was supposed to link to the Clojure Con talk, Programming with Hand Tools.
  • … and much more!

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