Refactored 077: "Boost!"

Wherein Chris botches the intro and Frank loves Facebook.

published Aug 30, 2022
Show Notes

Refactored #077: “Boost!"

On this episode of Refactored…

  • Refactored is now Podcasting 2.0-enabled! Go grab a new podcast app and become the future! Chris has had a good experience with Castamatic in particular.
  • Frank is super jazzed about JS import maps. Seems like it could offer a way to [ctrl]+a, [del] at least some of your JS build pipeline insanity. Pretty cool stuff.
  • Silicon Valley. Go watch it.
  • Chris worries we haven’t seen peak recession.
  • People are people, too. Management tip of the day: be honest.
  • Feedback: Dave asks, “What are the obvious signs of teams that think they are ‘agile’ but clearly still do not understand it?”
  • The pick of the week is StartAllBack, a very opinionated [ctrl]+z on some of the Win 11 UI changes.
  • … and much more!

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