Refactored 036: "Market Expansion"

Wherein Chris enables Franks' soundboard habit shortly after the two discuss boulderology.

published Aug 31, 2021
Show Notes

Refactored #036: “Market Expansion”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • Audition automatically upgraded to “enhance” our sound experience. Yay.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones enter the chat as the guys discuss the MVNOs Mint and Ting.
  • Frank complains about professionals who don’t pay for their software. Do your daily-driver tools fall off the back of virtual trucks? The guys agree yet again that software development is just a skilled trade.
  • Is FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) essentially more secure than proprietary systems? The guys debate.
  • The pick of the week is BitWarden, a drop-in LastPass replacement.
  • … and much more!

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