Refactored 054: "puts Debugging in Prod"

Wherein Frank is a shill for but Chris is more highly decorated than a North Korean general.

published Jan 25, 2022
Show Notes

Refactored #054: “puts Debugging in Prod”

On this episode of Refactored…

  • Chris describes a (totally hypothetical - asking for a friend) failure mode of using EFCore and JsonApiDotNetCore.
  • You ever had user complaints of “general slowness?” The guys commiserate, then discuss different paradigms for trying to identify issues in production.
  • The guys debate the pitfalls of contracts. Do you want to crash a Mars Rover? Because that’s how you crash a Mars Rover.
  • Frank… my gosh for the eleventh time this month?… lays bare his passionate adoration for Do you remember having to manually manipulate XMLHttpRequest objects? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  • There are 2 Hard Problems(tm) in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.
  • Chris equates Jeeps and Node.js - great tools for the specific problem they solve well. Bad experience everywhere else, all the time.
  • Jets suck, Yankees suck, Nicks suck.
  • Krypton sucks.
  • … and much more!

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