Refactored 068: "Well-Rounded Cybers"

Wherein Chris is a perv and Frank grovels for work.

published May 11, 2022

branding career education feedback leadership news security startups

Refactored 067: "Make Boring Great Again"

Wherein Chris is not afraid of Big Bootcamp and Frank tells n00bs to git gud.

published Apr 30, 2022

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Refactored 066: "The FTC gets it... right?"

Wherein Frank goes rogue for ice cream and things get sultry.

published Apr 19, 2022

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Refactored 065: "Incremental Trade-Offs"

Wherein Frank loves Enya and Chris gets DDoS'd off the recording.

published Apr 13, 2022

algorithm book-recommendation management news phrasing prediction project-management

Refactored 064: "Rubber Ducking"

Wherein Frank gets a prenup while Chris risks a very unfortunate 'accident.'

published Apr 5, 2022

announcement gear psychology work-life-balance workflow

Refactored 063: "Dark Patterns"

Wherein Chris and Frank design scheme after plot to bilk unwitting consumers for millions. Oh wait, that was Amazon.

published Mar 29, 2022

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Refactored 062: "Schoooool's out. For. Ever!"

Wherein Chris goes full-on elitst while Frank tortures some analogy about lassoing people.

published Mar 23, 2022

education hiring job-market

Refactored 061: "Career Advice"

Wherein Frank has some great negative energy that Chris (blue-blooded corn-fed 'Murican he is) doesn't want to quash.

published Mar 15, 2022

culture mental-health pay-and-benefits psychology self-care work-life-balance

Refactored 060: "Toxic Bloviating Douchenozzle"

Wherein Chris is addicted to gadgets and Frank cops to tax evasion.

published Mar 9, 2022

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Refactored 059: "Flaming Cat Index: Redux"

Where in the TI-83 reigns supreme.

published Mar 3, 2022

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Refactored 058: "Meeting Complexity"

Wherein the guys leave a pair of shoes in the vent for John McClain on Christmas Eve.

published Feb 22, 2022

communication culture management meetings remote-work

Refactored 057: "Job Boards for Engineers"

Wherein Frank has an aneurysm while Chris takes the low road.

published Feb 17, 2022

career hiring job-market news php-sucks phrasing

Refactored 056: "Filthy Casuals with NFTs"

Wherein the guys are legitimate businessmen.

published Feb 8, 2022

business-strategy cryptocurrency gaming merger-and-acquisition news nft prediction

Refactored 055: "Frank's Red Hot Vim"

Wherein Chris accidentally invokes Ted Bundy while Frank gets hammered.

published Feb 1, 2022

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Refactored 054: "puts Debugging in Prod"

Wherein Frank is a shill for but Chris is more highly decorated than a North Korean general.

published Jan 25, 2022

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