Refactored 026: "Bottom Line Up Front"

Wherein the guys want to destroy all humans.

recorded Jun 8, 2021

automation communication workflow

Refactored 025: "Multitasking Shmultitasking"

Wherein Frank loves hurting your feelings but Chris is a straight up killer.

recorded Jun 1, 2021

book-recommendation communication management myers-briggs-sucks

Refactored 024: "What We Wish We Knew"

Wherein Frank finally learns CSS and he's super proud of himself while Chris is riddled with cognitive biases.

recorded May 25, 2021

cryptocurrency gear prediction résumé

Refactored 023: "Running Interference"

Wherein whitespace is king right up until Chris destroys a small midwest town.

recorded May 22, 2021

communication language management tooling

Refactored 022: "Returning to the Office"

Wherein automated desks murder everyone, and afterward they start resigning in droves.

recorded May 11, 2021

culture remote-work

Refactored 021: "The Career Schema Project"

Wherein Frank - out of options and backed into a corner - is forced to admit that maybe Chris had a good idea.

recorded May 7, 2021

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Refactored 020: "Three and a Half Resume Boosters"

Wherein Chris still doesn't know the feedback email address, and Frank really hates C#.

recorded Apr 27, 2021

book-recommendation gear hiring language résumé

Refactored 019: "Hiring that Still Doesn't Suck"

Wherein Chris has a nose candy problem, and Frank is still looking for a qualified professional. Endorsed by Bill Nigh.

recorded Apr 20, 2021

communication hiring résumé

Refactored 018: "Hiring That Doesn't Suck"

Wherein Frank doesn't want to work for Gavin Belson, and Chris blames Millenials.

recorded Apr 13, 2021

hiring interviews javascript-sucks

Refactored 017: "Open Source Licenses"

Wherein Frank loves MIT but this episode gets published under the WTFPL.

recorded Apr 6, 2021

licenses security tooling

Refactored 016: "Sound Quality"

Wherein Chris has a thing for spandex, and Frank's mouth writes a check his Amazon order history can't cash.

recorded Mar 30, 2021

communication gear remote-work

Refactored 015: "Play to Your Strengths"

Wherein Frank can't remember the word for liking words, but is super eager to fire everyone.

recorded Mar 23, 2021

communication culture leadership management myers-briggs-sucks video-recommendation

Refactored 014: "Hanlon's Razor"

Wherein the guys SO totally called it!

recorded Mar 17, 2021

javascript-sucks news tooling

Refactored 013: "Silence Is Golden"

Wherein some recruiters aren't terrible, and Chris swears he IS a real boy.

recorded Mar 9, 2021

communication culture hiring hr news

Refactored 012: "Firmware Shall Be Broken"

Wherein Frank drops some server hardware knowledge while Chris mutters and stutters like Elmer Fudd.

recorded Mar 2, 2021

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