Refactored 135: "Fiber Fiasco"

Wherein Frank explains config management while Chris prepares to go postal.

published May 10, 2024

code gear infrastructure internet tooling

Refactored 134: "Standard Issue Hostility"

Wherein Frank wants you to stick to your guns.

published Apr 26, 2024

gear infrastructure law tooling

Refactored 133: "Helldevins 2: The Electric Intelligoo"

Wherein Chris spirals about consoles and Frank loves punchcards.

published Apr 19, 2024

artificial-intelligence gaming gear takedown

Refactored 132: "SCANdelous Tanks"

Wherein Chris is pro-dictator and Frank is pro-losing.

published Apr 12, 2024

business-model gaming strategy tooling

Refactored 131: "Supply Chain Shenanigans"

Wherein many bugs make all eyes shallow... or something...

published Apr 5, 2024

business-model decentralization finance open-source security supply-chain

Refactored 130: "Jesus 2.0"

Wherein Franks eyes bleed while Chris has people breathe into his mouth.

published Mar 29, 2024

configuration infrastructure-as-code planning project-management tech-debt tooling

Refactored 129: "World of WarCAP"

Wherein Chris hates Postgres and Frank gets a new aura.

published Mar 22, 2024

database gaming methodology scaling strategy tooling

Refactored 128: "Jobs Destroyed or Prevented"

Wherein David Spader fights Sam Altman.

published Mar 15, 2024

artificial-intelligence business-model funding math methodology workflow

Refactored 127: "Gandalf on a T-Rex"

Wherein Chris does calculus and Frank has a bone to pick.

published Mar 8, 2024

finance law pay trust

Refactored 126: "Self-Promoting Class Suits"

Wherein Chris is the boy who cried wolf and Frank doles out mad karma.

published Feb 23, 2024

breach gear liability management media security

Refactored 125: "If It Ain't AI, We Don't Want None"

Wherein the guys have a young Harrson Ford on the show!

published Jan 26, 2024

business-model cryptocurrency economy finance gear

Refactored 124: "Friction Ain't Free"

Wherein the guys find it difficult to cancel the upcoming XBox X Æ A-12.

published Jan 19, 2024

business-strategy ie-sucked javascript-sucks ui-ux vue-rules

Refactored 123: "You're a Mercenary"

Wherein Chris takes a break and Frank has a better advent calendar.

published Jan 12, 2024

career economics mental-health work-life-balance

Refactored 122: "Russ Hashimoto Gained a B"

Wherein the guys defend HCL.... or do they?

published Dec 26, 2023

automation business career gear myers-briggs-sucks

Refactored 121: "Mungers Three Rules"

Wherein the guys TOTALLY own a bunch of BRK-A...

published Dec 15, 2023

caree culture electron-sucks ms-teams-sucks self-care

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