Refactored 105: "AI: Killing pilots and taking jobs"

Wherein spending time with your family is the worst, amirite?

published Jun 27, 2023

artificial-intelligence communication

Refactored 104: "Build vs Buy"

Wherein Chris loves John B. Goodenough and Frank hates Apple.

published Jun 20, 2023

communication security strategy workflow

Refactored 103: "Scared? Lazy? Stupid?"

Wherein Frank goes to ~~college~~ Comic-Con and Chris comes out as anti-money.

published May 9, 2023

communication finance news work-life-balance workflow

Refactored 102: "Focus: Sponsored by Big Seltzer"

Wherein Chris REALLY wants you to know he uses Vim, and Frank has seen into the maw of stupid.

published May 2, 2023

artificial-intelligence communication gear phrasing workflow

Refactored 101: "Microservices Suck"

Wherein Frank doesn't AI and Chris still wants to use Rails 2.

published Apr 13, 2023

algorithm artificial-intelligence database microservices-suck microsoft-sucks workflow

Refactored 100: "Birthday Security"


published Apr 4, 2023

announcement design phrasing security workflow

Refactored 099: "Perfection is for the Dogs"

Wherein Communism sucks, but at least we got chicken.

published Mar 21, 2023

ask-the-internet design gear workflow

Refactored 098: "Are your Tweets good enough?"

Wherein Chris almost dies and Frank gets ripped.

published Mar 14, 2023

culture news remote-work self-care

Refactored 097: "Nick Burns: Project Manager"

Wherein Frank is some kind of bigshot writer and Chris can't count.

published Mar 7, 2023

communication communication communication

Refactored 096: "Subjectively Returning to the Office"

Wherein people don't need a bachelor's degrees to be hypocrites.

published Feb 14, 2023

ask-the-internet education meetings remote remote-work travel workflow

Refactored 095: "Just Call It Security"

Wherein Chris gets lubed up and Frank lies about the budget

published Jan 31, 2023

ask-the-internet book-recommendation communication gear sdlc security workflow

Refactored 094: "Don't Touch My Kindle"

Wherein Chris lies about bumper stickers and Frank breaks the Internet mid-show.

published Jan 10, 2023

gear etiquette ui-ux workflow ask-the-internet

Refactored 093: "Passwords and Kidphones"

Wherein all your secrets are belong to unknown threat actors.

published Dec 27, 2022

communication design gear product-design security social-media

Refactored 092: "What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?"

Wherin Frank gets hammered and Chris is fired up.

published Dec 20, 2022

communication crypto methodology nft planning

Refactored 091: "AI at a Holiday Party"

Wherein Frank loves sponging people and Chris goes braindead mid-show.

published Dec 13, 2022

algorithm automation communication culture language machine-learning news

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