Refactored 120: "Business Development Dark Patterns"

Wherein Chris buys baking soda and Frank can't have PIP.

published Dec 8, 2023

business-strategy design gear hardware homelab self-hosting

Refactored 119: "Avoid Cyber Bikeshedding"

Wherein noone actually pair programs, bruh

published Nov 3, 2023

communication education professional-development security tooling workflow

Refactored 118: "Self-Hosting: It Sucks"

Wherein verily I say unto you, yaks will be shaved.

published Oct 20, 2023

business-strategy gear hardware homelab self-hosting

Refactored 117: "Security Is A Group Exercise"

Wherein Chris failed Geometry.

published Oct 10, 2023

communication security workflow

Refactored 116: "You Aren't The Customer"

Wherein the guys design by committee.

published Oct 3, 2023

business-strategy licenses project-management security ui-ux

Refactored 115: "Deployment Schmeployment"

Wherein Chris admits to war crime and Frank is a science denier.

published Sep 26, 2023

automation business-strategy news tooling workflow

Refactored 114: "Inmates Running the Asylum"

Wherein the guys are dumber than their employees.

published Sep 19, 2023

artificial-intelligence communication security tooling workflow

Refactored 113: "Fork It"

Wherein the guys get litigious.

published Sep 12, 2023

business-strategy configuration infrastructure-as-code licenses

Refactored 112: "She Goes to Another Office"

Wherein everyone everywhere revolts simultaneously.

published Sep 5, 2023

gaming remote-work

Refactored 111: "Curiosity Over Time"

Wherein the guys bootstnrap their bootstraps.

published Aug 29, 2023

communication documentation workflow

Refactored 110: "Hair Mods"

Wherein Franks wants his flying car already, dang it!

published Aug 15, 2023

gaming news physics design

Refactored 109: "The Fair Use Show"

Wherein it's a fire! (

published Aug 8, 2023

communication javascript-sucks management microsoft-sucks remote-work teams-sucks work-life-balance

Refactored 108: "Generative AI"

Wherein the guys voice their unwavering support for furries, brought to you by Polar Seltzer.

published Aug 1, 2023

drama economics finance news tooling

Refactored 107: "Industrial Dysfunction"

Wherein Frank is Scuba Steve and Chris tortures small mammals.

published Jul 25, 2023

announcement culture finance interviews

Refactored 106: "Which Episode Is It?"

Wherein the wildfire smoke really gets to Chris' brain.

published Jul 14, 2023

culture law security work-life-balance

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