Refactored 043: "Fight Fair"

Wherein Chris has a groin problem and Frank derps an off-by-one-error joke.

published Oct 19, 2021

career communication gaming documentation psychology

Refactored 042: "Fun and Games"

Wherein Frank backs metroidvania games and Chris hates Candyland.

published Oct 16, 2021

gaming gear leadership mental-health psychology woodworking work-life-balance

Refactored 041: "Knowing your Core Business"

Wherein Chris won't let Frank finish a thought and both guys care more about anonymous strangers than their current team.

published Oct 5, 2021

automation code culture documentation law licenses open-source security

Refactored 040: "Paying People in Des Moines"

Wherein the guys clumsily talk past each other like two drunken ships in the night.

published Sep 30, 2021

career culture hiring leadership pay-and-benefits remote tooling

Refactored 039: "PHP Still Runs the Web"

Wherein Chris yells at nose pickers while Frank drives a jalopy.

published Sep 24, 2021

code javascript-sucks language performance psychology remote-work tooling

Refactored 038: "Driving with the TV On"

Wherein Chris gets a stomach bug 2 years before Frank becomes a NASCAR champion. Coincidence?

published Sep 15, 2021

automation self-driving-cars etiquette remote-work

Refactored 037: "Performance Optimization"

Wherein Chris likes hunting wabbits but can't actually prove Frank isn't a boulderologist.

published Sep 10, 2021

database gaming security performance

Refactored 036: "Market Expansion"

Wherein Chris enables Franks' soundboard habit shortly after the two discuss boulderology.

published Aug 31, 2021

business-strategy culture leadership merger-and-acquisition product-design tooling

Refactored 035: "Situational Awareness"

Wherein Frank hates all the humanity, and Chris panders to the audience.

published Aug 24, 2021

code communication documentation hr management résumé

Refactored 034: "Parallel Career Tracks"

Wherein Frank retcons a bunch of BS while Chris admits he loves "adding value" as a manager.

published Aug 17, 2021

communication management planning

Refactored 033: "Policy is a Shield, Not a Sword"

Wherein Chris puts his feet up while Frank suffers chronic sweaty palm disease.

published Aug 11, 2021

communication gear policy-and-procedure

Refactored 032: "Is Your Basement a Cloud?"

Wherein Frank has some serious words about certain words.

published Aug 4, 2021

communication cloud language

Refactored 031: "Bridge the Gap"

Wherein the guys are flush with Maseratis, bruh... got that mad advertising paper y'all.

published Jul 29, 2021

code hiring javascript-sucks management negotiation tech-debt

Refactored 030: "Deere John, I Quit"

Wherein salesfolk annoy Frank to no end, and Chris sounds like Elmer Fudd.

published Jul 20, 2021

tooling management psychology

Refactored 029: "The Great Resignation"

Wherein Chris wants to start a dry cleaners, and Frank astroturfed his entire career.

published Jul 6, 2021

management culture remote-work

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